Sunday, September 19, 2010

State Contrariety : Think Globaly

State Contrariety:
People usually talk about the cultural difference in India, and still we make it together. Well there looks one more difference which you may observe and that is “thinking difference” towards the career.
Thinking of the guardians regarding qualifications, when they looking for the groom of “Goldy” . A beautiful 5’4’’, Age: 24, Color wheatish and graduation with B.COM, working in a finance firm, salary in 5 digits.
Goldy Shrivastav  ( From Bhopal): Groom should be well educated with B.E. or MBA, Doctorate or any other well recognized degree, working for some government organization will be best else he should be working in some private organization with atleast 3 years of experience ( just to check the stability in his job).
Goldy Patel(From Ahamdabad) : Groom should be well settled in business from last 2-3 years , if business is operating from Mumbai or US then it will be best . Qualification doesn’t matter and family business will be considered as a added advantage.
Goldy Kaur(From Chandigarh/Delhi) : Groom need to based in Canada , US or Australia or if he is not then  some family member any how need to be settled in one of these countries . (Because it is sure that one day that family member will arrange the married couple to get the citizenship of one of these countries)
Goldy Moolchandani (From Ulhasnagar and Bairagarh): Groom need to be well settled in family retail business, minimum 3 retail shops of the family is the criteria for no rethinking. (If goldy will be from the era of 2015 then it may be 4+ retail shops), Qualification doesn’t matter.
Goldy Yadav (From Patna): Groom should be a plain BSC ,BCOM with a little earning ( because by chance if groom was qualified as engineer then dowry amount will exponentially increase from 5 Lac+ Bike to 10Lac+ i20).Some fields need to be there in the village or if permanently settled in the city then some property needs to be there. Political connectivity of family will be an added advantage.
Goldy Khan(From Lucknow) : Groom need to be well settled may be in a job or in some mechanical workshop , if some family member is in Mumbai or Middle east and doing some job or export import business then it will be highly added advantage.
Goldy Nambiar (From Kerla): Groom need be well settled in job , if he or any family member is in Dubai or middle east then it will be a highly added advantage. If Groom is well settled in Middle East then qualification of under graduation will also suffice.
Goldy Murthy (Fom Bangalore): Groom need to be in IT industry and should have mentality to allow Service to goldy post marriage in a HR consultacy firm .If he was onsite for some time then it will be a added advantage.
Goldy Revandkar (From Pune): Only and only a well settled guy in job , private or government doesn’t matter but work experience need to be of 4+ atleast. Also it is obvious that Goldy will work after marriage because one salary will go into the EMI of one flat in Mumbai/Pune and other will manage the family expenditure.
“Goldy “ is to give you a glimpse of the Pradesh career paradise, just visit different states and meet the people from there then you will find a whole lot of difference in the thinking also. Well to get research on how it started is difficult and it’s more difficult to understand that in the same country just by changing the boundaries thinking or in common language “mentality” also changes.
With all I just want to put a point “ In our country we usually keep thinking as per the local environment, no profession is good or bad , every thing has its own scope and symbiosis which can touch your feet. This is the dare need of the current globalization in India that thinking need to be change from “locally “to “globally”. Not for Goldy but for you. 
Please don't go by the way your local environment drives you. Every one has its own thinking pls don't overlap it with what your state , your neighbors, your friends think.